Planning your special day

Info BMH - Wednesday, July 20, 2011
Wedding Timetable - part two

6 Months
Time to start thinking about your wedding list. (Lots of stores will help you with this).
Having already organised your dress you will probably have a colour scheme in mind for the bridesmaids dresses, now is the time to start co-ordinating.
Once you have started to decide on your colour scheme this is the time to start ordering the flowers, church and reception if required.
Other items to think about arranging now are:
Hire of the suits for bridegroom, best man, fathers and ushers.
Fitting of your dress.
Choosing the wedding rings.
Start to think about booking appointments with your hairdresser and beauty salon.

3 Months
Now is the time to start to be sending out the wedding invitations.
Check to see if the mums have started to organise their outfits.
Choose the hymns and choice of music if needed.
Arrange for the order of service sheets to be printed, again if needed.