Wedding Timetable

Info BMH - Saturday, June 18, 2011

The first steps to your wedding Timetable

First step:
The first thing to you will need to plan for your wedding is the budget. Talk to your partner and respective parents about the kind of wedding service you would like.
On your special day you will want the best of everything, so plan the style and tone of your day carefully.

Second step: 
Visit your priest/vicar of registrar and make the arrangements for your wedding ceremony. They will help both of you and will talk you through everything you need to know about walking up the aisle and saying "I do". You can also arrange a wedding rehearsal to ensure that everthing will be perfect on your wedding day. This is also the time to apply for a marriage licence if needed.

Third step:
Decide who will be your 'chief bridesmaid' and 'best man'.

Fourth step:
Decide on the date and venue for your wedding reception. The amount of guests you are thinking of will often dictate your choice of venue. Banbury Marquee Hire can provide a wide range of different sizes of marquees, whether you are having a small intimate reception for 20-30 guests to a large gathering  for around 1000. We can erect our marquees in all most any location, from your garden, hotel grounds, sports field or on land in the middle of no-where! When chosing a location without an accessable power supply we can arrange a power generator as well as luxury toilets.

18-12 months:
Start to think about choosing your wedding dress.
Book the photographer and videographer.
Book the transport.
Book the toastmaster if required.
Order the invitations.
Book the honeymoon and check/order passports.
Decide on your bridesmaids and ushers.
Order the wedding cake.